22 Weird Scenes From Public Transit

Taking public transportation is like accepting a quest from a magic elf. You never know what strange wonders await. [via thechive]



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  1. If you pass out at a London bus stop late at night, i’d think a fox appearing is the least of your worrries!

      1. The U.K. is on metric time with a 100 minute hour and 100 second minute. 10 hour days was really confusing when I visited. I was never on time! This summer, I am going to Australia. Their running counterclockwise clocks will drive me crazy!

  2. I’m pretty sure I commented on that fox picture when it appeared on this site before, but I still love how earnest the little guy looks to me. Like he’s genuinely trying to do a favor for the guy.

    “Sir… Sir, you can’t sleep here. There are wild animals about.”

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