19 Hilarious Synonyms From Twitter

These are much better than the original words. Try using them in everyday conversation! [via berry]



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  1. having paid attention in history class and living in reality, these are sometimes hard to see as funny. Of course that wouldn’t happen because that other thing didn’t exist yet? Maybe if they were rephrased as “why haven’t they renamed…”

      1. Based on the fact that his suggestion shows at least basic critical thinking skills, makes most of the jokes land better, AND keeps the punchlines intact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s probably more fun at parties than any of the generic copycats and follow-ons pictured in the post above. . .

  2. Missed my favorite, seen elsewhere:

    Why isn’t the “F—, Marry, or Kill” game called “Bed, Wed, or Dead”?

    1. Same ! Only difference is I had seen the “be, wed, behead” version, with a comment about Henry VIII that made it even funnier 🙂

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