17 Weird and Wacky Thrift Shop Finds

Thrift Shops: For when you want to buy something crappy, but don’t want to break the bank. [via acidcow]



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  1. I like to make creepy looking crochet dolls and take them to thrift stores for hope of people with my creepy sense of humor finding the.

    1. If it really is a regularly practiced hobby for you, I might suggest building up a stockpile of said creepy dolls and selling them at a craft show. You might be surprised by the level of interest.

      1. And also be surprised at the absurd amount of people thinking $10 is way too expensive for a handmade item at a craft fair when they could get something similar produced by slave labor at a store for $25 instead.

      1. it’s not a bacon tuxedo, it’s a 500 piece puzzle depicting a photo of a person in a bacon tuxedo and their lovely companion. which is somehow much stranger, imo.

          1. I like the erotic foot massage picture. I want my friends to be appropriately nervous and wary of

  2. I have a rule, these days. If I see an item so bizarre it stops me in my tracks, and it’s in my price range, I have to buy it without hesitation. I mean, what’s a consumerist society good for if you can’t revel in its greatest absurdities?

    I’m actually still disappointed that I hadn’t established this rule when I happened upon the most offensive thrift store item I’m ever likely to see. Someone had donated a vinyl recording of a minstrel show, complete with a cover image consisting of people in blackface. The description on the sleeve literally said, “This record is not only intended to revisit the minstrel days of old, but to help you in putting on your own minstrel show.” And it wasn’t a heavy, wax record from the 1920s or anything? It was, at the earliest, from the civil rights era.

  3. The worst thing about the chicken shirt is that in order for the chicken to realize the egg was Larry, he would have had to know Larry. Which he didn’t cause Larry was an egg and never grew into a chicken

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  5. Some of these are fantastic. Antique shopping has become one of my favorite things because of the hilarity of some of the things you find. And then you find some nice things too. It’s a win/win.

    1. Thank you Yaseru esute,

      Your comments on the dissolution of fats are most enlightening… and like most comments pertinent to the posts. 😉

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