Funny Pic Dump (6.8.17)


branson reese

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  1. I’ve been wondering where to store my Milfs, currently I don’t have any but I’d expect that any time now I will come into a large quantity of Milfs.

    1. You sheer ignorance reveals why you are a mere deputy under-footman. I will explain as you do not understand bicycles and are as dumb as a post: You would have fallen off.

  2. Love the fact that there’s a dude smiling and throwing up a peace sign and another dude looking really bored in the background of the Brazilian shootout photo.

    1. The cartoonist is really terrible at making jokes. I’d like to think it’s on purpose because he has thousands of followers

  3. The one with the cat high up on the wall could have used some cropping. A huge picture of legs with a small image of a cat in the background. Unless the real purpose was for the person to show off their legs.

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