13 Weirdo Cats Acting Weird

Cats don’t obey the rules of logic. [via sadanduseless]



16 responses to 13 Weirdo Cats Acting Weird

  1. I’ll bet that last cat also likes to watch tag team wrestling after eating a big turkey dinner. I remember doing that years ago…..

        1. All cultures that practice agriculture have harvest celebrations, but they don’t all dine on cat.

  2. Cats 1 and 8 have phyisiological issues, if not nurological. Cats 2 through 7 are completely normal (what’s wrong with what any are doing?)
    9 is simply considering its options. The last four don’t care what anyone thinks and would eat their person’s extremities if that person died and there was no food.

    1. I’ve seen that image of cat #1 before, and the caption said he’d just come home from the vet and was still super wobbly from being sedated… but flopped his way over to the food before he could stand up again, because priorities. He was fine shortly thereafter.

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