23 Positively Depressing Memes

You’re laughing but only because otherwise you’d be crying. [via thechive]



32 responses to 23 Positively Depressing Memes

    1. You can cut the end off of a potato and jam it into the broken bulb, then unscrew it. Just make sure the power is off… potatoes are conductive

          1. In Mother Russia, no need for light bulbs because of Soviet-era radiation exposure.

  1. That lego man is me. I’m pretty sure the main reason I’m still alive is that most suicide methods hurt and I’m a big wuss.

    1. Maybe you were kidding, maybe not, but don’t hurt yourself. Call someone – a friend, a family member, partner, stranger, doctor, psychologist, beautician, literally anyone – and tell them you’re not doing well. Don’t be subtle. “I need help. I’m not doing well.”

    1. The midlife crisis one might be considered a meme. I’ve seen that picture with lots of other captions used to describe funny situations or concepts. And if they’ve been spread from person to person at some point via the internet they fit the webster definition.

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