24 Funny Product Instructions

You didn’t really need the instructions anyway. [via boredpanda]



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  1. That must have been one snarky Lush employee. I’ve used Lush conditioner and it gives actual instructions. The one with the confusion dosage instructions had a green cross, so I’m guessing it came from a pot shop.

    1. Mercilon is birth control, so that’s pretty doubtful. Green crosses are used to signify a pharmacy in many countries. It’s like seeing a barber’s pole.

      1. Hmm, knowing that its birth control, and not in a little pill pack that they usually come in, maybe the instructions are for emergency contraception use. Depending on the actual pills, you take 4 pills than another 4 pills 12 hours later, although the number varies from brand to brand. A lot of times putting in the instructions requires check boxes and templates, which don’t always translate into regular English normally.

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