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    1. Depends on the class. Of course if there was a way to trade homework papers for fresh salsa I’d love to hear it.

  1. sorry to be a debbiedowner but please… y’all… stop putting toxic polish and makeup on your pets. i mean.. jesus. is internet attention REALLY worth harming your animals?

    1. Actually, they make nontoxic nail polish that flakes off in minutes (and edible nail polish, though it tastes like a troll wiped it’s arse across your tongue). It’s possible that it’s completely harmless.

      1. Actually, something that isn’t toxic for humans can be toxic for other animals, like onions for cats or chocolate and dogs. You should only use things made for that kind of animal.

    2. I think they make nail polish specifically for animals, due to people doing this. So there’s a chance it’s pet-friendly.

      That said, people also think tattooing their cats is a good idea, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.

      As tempting as it is to draw on my pets, I have never done so.

      1. My cat has a tattoo, the shelter gave it when she was spayed so that if she gets lost they can see that she’s already spayed. I didn’t fully understand it but they did it without asking.

    3. Beauty products are all tested on animals prior to sale. At least SOME of the animals have to survive or it doesn’t make it to the store so your pets are safe.

      1. I’m pretty sure they don’t test nail polish on iguanas. Just because something has been tested on a rabbit or a cat or something doesn’t mean it is safe for all species.

        But this whole argument is pretty stupid. As stupid as painting your iguana’s nails.

        1. Nothing is as stupid as painting your iguana’s nails. Except maybe painting your bearded dragon’s nails.

      2. No, no, NO!!! Beauty products are NOT all tested on animals! Though the vast majority of them that you can purchase at regular stores (target, walmart, drug stores, grocery stores) ARE. Please, find out which ones aren’t and buy those!

        1. Better yet, realize that true beauty comes from within, that you don’t need to paint any part of you to be beautiful., and save your money so you can buy something worthwhile, like more life saving pamphlets.

          1. Then, realize that this person is wrong, and using some makeup does make you look better.

  2. I felt very sorry for the scapegoat, even though s/he is fictional. I think I need a lie down – too many feels.

      1. That’s what building code calls for, to reduce the grade so the person using a wheelchair won’t flip backward or struggle with the incline.

  3. wait, children actually still use legos to build something THEY come up with, instead of just following that the pictures say?!
    My faith has been restored!
    (at least a part of it)

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