18 Funny Tweets About Public Transport

You don’t have to get on a bus to read these tweets, but it might help you get in the mood. [via 22words]



22 responses to 18 Funny Tweets About Public Transport

  1. If by its nature it’s “ceaseless,” why ask her to stop? Think before you try to sound clever, bus boyfriend.

    1. It’s not “ceaseless”. It’s “relentless”. Double check before you try to sound cleverer, pleated-jeans commenter.

    2. Ceaseless does not mean “nonstop forever”. Ceaseless can be stopped. Something that is continual, without rest until it stops, was ceaseless for a period of time. The boyfriend wanted that period of time to come to an end. Become smarter before you try to be smug, Jay.

        1. You’d think when every man and his dog disagrees with your comment that you would at least consider that you might be wrong… Which, you are. Sorry.

  2. Funny? No. Amusing? Hell no. Interesting? Nope. Worth reading? Try again. Waste of time? Yes these twits were.

  3. The ones with people talking to themselves aren’t very funny. They could have a psychotic disorder like schizophrenia. My city has a large mentally ill homeless population so I see a lot of that on public transport.

    1. Perfectly good explanation or no, people talking to themselves on public transit is still weird and/or creepy.

      1. Yeah man. I mean I’m sympathetic to people with mental disorders, but that doesn’t make it magically less irritating, creepy, or scary to be on a bus with a person who’s talking to himself about the government being out to get him or whatever nonsense.

    1. @grammarpolice “I let someone past me” = “I let someone by me” = acceptable informal colloquial US English.

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