20 Dumb Questions Asked to Retail Workers

Everyone should have to work retail for a couple months, just to gain a deeper understanding of humanity. [via berry]



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  1. A lot of people abandon their kids with retail workers. Where I used to work people would just abandon their kids in our store. I’m talking 8 and younger. “Be good I’ll just be next door trying on shoes.” As she leaves them beside the glassware shelf with the pointed edges. Our job is to sell stuff not protect it from the Lord of the flies.

  2. I had a client ask me why his account was down to $96,000.00 when it was $106,000.00 two month ago. I asked him if he remembered taking a $10,000.00 withdrawal 3 weeks ago. He said yes, but it was a “free withdrawal” so that meant that we couldn’t subtract the money from his account. I explained that “free withdrawal” meant no penalties or fees, not free money. He then asked to speak to my supervisor because he thought I was lying to him.

    1. This hurts my soul. Why are so many idiots blessed with lots of money? I’m smart and frugal and hard-working, but I’m still broke.

  3. These people are pretty smug for someone who works in retail.

    When someone asks “Do you work here?”, usually they know you work there, it’s just more polite than saying “you there! I require assistance”

    1. Indeed, and many things are potentially English as a second language, like the broccoli and the vegan/vegetarian coffee. I was 19 before I ever had a quesadilla; not everyone has the same background.

      1. I thought the same thing about the woman who asked what French fries are made of. It’s entirely possible that she had a legitimate reason for not being familiar with the item. Hell, even if she came from the very English-speaking UK and didn’t have a lot of exposure to American culture, she would know them as chips.

        1. She would not know them as chips. You can get both French fries and chips in the UK. They are related but they’re not the same. Chips are big greasy batons of delight and fries are much smaller, drier batons of delight!

        2. some french fries are actually coated in batter. if she has a valid gluten intolerance, thats actually a smart question.

    2. Right?!
      And the person asking how big the gallon jugs were could easily have been asking for their size dimensions!

    3. A lot of people ask just because they see you in uniform. Mind, I could be wearing a McDonald’s uniform at Best Buy and still be questioned, so yeah, still the mark of a dumb question. I’d rather someone just say “Can you please help me?”

      1. I’ve been asked questions multiple times before about item locations in the store, which fitting room to take, etc. I don’t even work there, I’m a fellow customer! I don’t know why either, maybe because I wear black a lot, so they think I must work there or something…Still, I answer back to them if I know what they’re looking for, but if not, I say as politely as I can I don’t work there.

    4. Yeah it’s too bad these people can’t say something like “Excuse me, could you help me, please?” Instead they have to ask the person in uniform doing work at the store if they’re employed by the store.

      And I’m sorry, what’s smug about pointing out really stupid things people have said? Man, I worked in retail for two holiday seasons and people are stupid. And not because they’re being polite or they don’t speak English. Rude-ass, incompetent Americans asking shit like where the elevator is when they’re standing right across from it, or the classic “Hey I have a quick question!” which is never a quick question and is always asked when the cashier is currently helping another customer.

      You sound like one of those people who get really pissy in lines at stores about how these lowly cashiers are basically your employee, and if only they’d gone to college they could be a successful cunt like yourself.

    5. By all means, go take a job in retail, please. I would like to see how long you last dealing with the public if something as innocent as a post on a humor website gets your panties in a bunch.

  4. These people are pretty smug for someone who works in retail.

    When someone asks “Do you work here?”, usually they know you work there, it’s just more polite than saying “you there! I require assistance”

    1. Replies are pretty smug for talking about people who do an actual job that is made more difficult by dealing with customers.

      Yeah, some of these complaints are petty, but wth is up with pooping on retail workers to say so? You do know our economy basically requires retail and service workers to work those crappy jobs.

  5. In more than one store, I have come across Visual Merchandising Associates that actually work for a Vendor, not for the store itself. Helpful if you have a question about that particular product, but useless if you want to be let into a fitting room, or to check out…

  6. Ask not for whom the dumb bell tolls, for it dumbs for you (i.e. I refuse to accept sass from someone who uses “i.e.” where “e.g.” is appropriate).

  7. Some of these are actually reasonable and must have logical thinking behind them. Like aways Retail is full of self-absorbed twats who think they are better than everyone else. I would know I worked in retail for a while.

    1. Right? It’s not because someone had a brain fart or had an honest different way of phrasing. Nope, it’s because they’re an idiot. They should probably work in retail because everyone who works retail is brilliant.

      1. These are just stupid especially since most of them are written so poorly while they complain about the perceived idiocy of others. A truly dumb question would be something like “do you have DVDs?” while in a video rental store…but even then they may have taken “video” literally and thought vhs tapes. Having worked in retail for years I’d take a “dumb” customer over a nasty one. I dont know what it is with this rise of retail worker memes where they act so damn victimised by their customers…15 years ago you’d simply take it as being part of the job not some extraordinary thing you have go “go through”. While I realise there are some very nasty overentitled customers out there these sorts of customers would actually brighten my day.

        1. Stupid customer is better than a rude employee who thinks they get paid to sneer. Heaven forbid you might have a dumb day once in a while…

  8. I’d rather have a customer ask me for help rather than ask if I work there, after I’ve greeted them. I love it when customers ask me if a clothing item is masculine or feminine. It’s either in the boy’s section or the girl’s section. I usually tell them the answer and that it’s a matter of personal preference.

  9. It’s fairly ironic to hear complaints about low intelligence from people who use words like “costed.”

    As most other commenters seem to agree, the majority of these are probably just employees with a chip on their shoulder. Sure, customers are capable of acting really dumb, but it’s unreasonable to judge somebody so harshly just because they didn’t notice something you thought should have been obvious, or because they used poor phrasing, or (possibly) because they were making a joke and you didn’t pick up on it.

    The only customer relations I would generally support someone complaining about are the ones like the “I don’t know how to chop an onion” guy, where their belligerence leaves no doubt as to who is in the wrong. Those were always my favorite things to complain about when I worked retail. There were a remarkable number of instances in which I was prepared to do my level best to help the person, but they just wanted to yell at me and stomp away like a toddler.

  10. I was working at a lone cash register around a corner in a store, in between two bathrooms. This maybe 60-year-old lady asked me if she could use the restroom, incidentally the women’s room was being cleaned. I tried telling her that there was a restroom down another way, but she cut me off saying that she can’t walk that far, displaying her hospital bracelets (not like any of them said “fall risk” or something). Regardless of her ailment, if she’s ain’t using a cane, is walking perfectly fine, and the fact that she managed to walk to my register out of the whole store, she could get to the easily placed bathroom straight down from me.

    She then asks if she could use the men’s bathroom instead. She THEN asks me if I can check the bathroom for her so she could use it. I’m a girl. Taken aback, I said to her “You’re not supposed to use the men’s bathroom”. That was when a round of customers came to my register and she was left by herself. I don’t know how her situation was handled, but I think she tried to go into the men’s room anyway because a male maintenance worker commented on her being crazy.

  11. A customer was disproportionately upset that she was responsible for bringing her own coupons (although we would help her get a coupon online through our rewards program, if she would let us.) She insisted that customers shouldn’t have to bring their own coupons- the discounts should just come off for everyone automatically, whether they have a rewards membership or not. When I pointed out to her that what she was describing was in fact a /sale/ and we had plenty of those all over the store, she wasn’t amused.

  12. I’d hazard a guess that the vegetarian coffee person might’ve been trying to ask for dairy-free coffee beverages. Even though they could’ve said vegan or dairy-free. But, whatever.

    Shoppers are dumb.

  13. I went home from college to have my dad do a tuneup on my car. I hung around to help get things for him. So he tells me “take my car and go to Schucks, get a few qts of the Napa brand oil.” Ok. I can do that. I got to Schucks and looked the entire oil section 3 times, but couldn’t find Napa brand oil, so I asked the guy that worked there where the Napa brand oil was… He looked at me like I was the dumbest girl ever and said “Um, at Napa.” I wanted to facepalm. It was so obvious once he said it. My dad laughed when I told him what happened, but he took the blame for me. I wasn’t stupid, I just hadn’t thought through what I had been asked to do.

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