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    1. Easy to be smug when you can afford a Tesla… I like testing the Tesla autopilot functionality. So far they haven’t hit my car..

      1. It’s the Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano, isn’t it? (Hogun in the Thor movies.) Certainly looks like him.

  1. All I can figure is that the man cooking has earbuds in but is holding his phone to his ear (between his shoulder and his head.) ???

  2. Photoshop?!? Photoshop is expensive and bloated. Maybe MS paint would work? Ya know, if Scotch tape is also too expensive or difficult to use.

  3. So that flamingo twitter account now has over 8,000 followers and has literally only posted that one tweet. No replies or anything.

  4. I was at my dad’s house one day and he was watching the golf tournament. He starts laughing and calls me into the room to see the guy in the red shirt playing with his nipples and making faces.

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