Man Creates Special Car Horns for Different Situations

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  1. This absolutely needs to be a standard feature.

    I personally suffer from anxiety, which sometimes makes me an overly cautious driver. Sometimes other drivers are not very understanding of this possibility. ((Note: Obviously I don’t expect anyone to know this about me, but it’s still frustrating when people lose patience in these sorts of situations)). As expected, the number one way that other drivers will express their frustration with my driving habits is to honk. The trouble is that that’s the fastest way to turn UP my anxiety while I’m driving. More than once I’ve been so shaken by someone honking that I’ve done something reflexive/reactive that, thankfully, didn’t result in an accident, but certainly could have. I’ve considered putting some kind of a sign in the back window of my car asking people not to honk because the driver has anxiety issues… But I don’t know how many people would actually pay attention to that, and frankly, I don’t really like the idea of sharing my personal issues quite so publicly as that.

    All that said, having a courtesy honk feature available in cars would definitely be a godsend for myself and, I imagine, anyone else who suffers from any sort of anxiety.

    1. Yeah, I know that feeling. Don’t know what all you’ve tried but I found cognitive behavioral therapy was the most helpful thing with that particular scenario. Anxiety totally sucks and it doesn’t help that the usual response is “dude, chill.”

  2. I’m not sure if I’d recognise the friendly sounding one as a car horn. I’d probably think it was something else and may not even respond.

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