23 Dads Who Are Parenting Experts

Dads know to let kids learn some things through trial and error. [via thechive]



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    1. As a full-time parent, few things irk me more than this trope. I get that there’s no concise way to say “the parent that doesn’t usually do this thing, tried to do this thing,” but come on!

  1. I kinda hate those “when mommy leaves for a nanosecond daddy forgets how to adult” posts. I get that it’s a joke, I do, but c’mon man, don’t act like you’re stupid when you’re not. It’s not cute on women, it’s not cute on men.

  2. I had a stay-at-home dad. He cooked. He cleaned. He- was a parent. I’m sure there are women who are also inept with children – for some reason we just expect guys to be unable to parent- but many of them are really good at it. So, some of these are cute, maybe funny to ladies who can relate. But…. not every guy is inept at parenting. Let’s stop expecting them to be bad at it.

  3. Yes, clearly there is nothing funnier and more adorable than a father, a grown-ass adult with a child, who doesn’t know how to dress, feed, bathe, or carry his own kid. I’m sure the wife always loves having to take on 100% of the responsibility of raising a child.

  4. Father’s do not “babysit” their kids anymore than mom’s do. Both sets of parents make mistakes, and they can be funny, but this needs to stop. Like the others commenting, you’re a grown man. You’re a role model. Sometimes, Mom needs a break. Additionally, moms need to stop thinking that they’re the sole and ultimate provider with the “right” way. Let dads do their thing, just as much as they let you do yours.

    My husband is a stay-at-home dad, and he runs the show much differently than I do. But if at the end of the day, the kids are alive and we’re all happy, good job.

  5. I’m not going to make this about male incompetence or female superiority. I just want to say bubble baby is pretty cute.

  6. Can I take a moment to say that those drawings on dad’s calves are actually pretty good? Considering the uneven surface and likely hair that kid(s) did pretty well. I met a guy once who had their kids pictures tattooed on him.

  7. I love all of these, dads are human too, everyone makes mistakes, not everyone admits when they do. Happy belated Father’s Day to the dads reading this.

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