22 Cats That Can’t Handle Their Catnip

Some cats should just say no. [via boredpanda]



8 responses to 22 Cats That Can’t Handle Their Catnip

  1. Honestly, they should make catnip for humans. Like, you can sort of rub a little bag filled with it on your face and go all stoned for a while. And it’s legal.

    1. We will not stand for that. We believe that animals have more rights than humans. Euthanasia for a sick animal that cannot speak for themselves? God damned right and we do not care if it’s legit.

      Euthanasia for a sick and dying human being in unbearable pain that makes the decision with sound mind? Go fuck yourself you godless piece of shit. All life is precious. Well, unless you are brown or black.

      1. I ‘m super tolerant unless you disagree with me, then its ok to be just as hateful and intolerant as I think half the county is. I support sharia law even though they would kill me and my gay friends first if it was implemented. I think the government is corrupt that’s why I want them to run my heath care and make me pay for poor peoples abortions. If you disagree with me you’re a Nazi..

    2. Yes, Maxie, that would be fun.

      I’m not remotely sure how your comment led to inappropriate and inaccurate political mudslinging, but don’t take it badly. Not everyone can be as happy as a cat with catnip.

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