26 Bad Font Choices

If the font makes you read it wrong, then it pretty much failed the only job words actually have. [via 22words]



26 responses to 26 Bad Font Choices

  1. Just for starters my name is Cunt. Not Clint. I was at Dick Brick when my penis broke so I had to use my finger. After, I looked over and then I saw him: my Special Cunt. I thought “I’m only one dick away”. Later, I caught a ride on the Sexpress, a magnificent ride it was, especially with the 10 fuckering lights that were above me. Finally, I was home, and then I went to MASSAGE: The Rapist. I get 2 shits for $199!

  2. Was the thrift store sign a bad font choice… or was the sign maker a lonely dude named Nate?

    You don’t know. Only Nate knows.

    1. Nothing wrong with it. I lived down the street from it in philly. Even “misread” it just says more than justice cream. Big deal. BTW, food there is average at best. Nothing to write home about.

  3. more like bad spacing for a couple. The rest are either that you don’t really know how to read or you just have a dirty mind, you nasty person.

  4. most of those are just spacing issues, not necessarily poor font choices
    the “click lovers” one is from GTA V and is intended to be that way (the colors, logo and name arent a massive, huge, raging hard coincidence)

    1. What ^^^they said. Except the video game reference. I mean, that *could* be correct, but I have no idea- having never played it.

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