19 Pics That Defy All Logic

Don’t break your brain trying to make sense of these things. [via ebaumsworld]



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      1. That one confused me too, but I also thought that they were parked in a parking lot that happened to be next to a road. Guess not.

      1. That sounds like a command. I think the Yodish might be more like:
        “Brittany, marry me, will you?”

        Also, the fuel pump guys – maybe they didn’t arrive at the same time, and took the first available (if inconvenient) pump. It looks cold there, so nobody wants to wait around.
        I swear I am forced to use the pump from the wrong side about 95% of the time.

  1. A helpful hint for those who tend to stop on the wrong side of the fuel pump: There is generally a little arrow near your fuel gauge that will point to the side of the car the fuel door is on.

    Pass it on.

    1. Damn it, Frank. Derek will struggle to source new material if you go about giving helpful advice like that.

    2. I’ve never seen an arrow, but usually on the picture of the fuel pump, side the handle for the fuel is hanging from is the side your tank is on.

    3. This is not important. All recent pumps are long enough to serve any side of the car.
      The only problem I saw in that picture is the guy on the right which obviously stopped too far from the pump.
      We can’t judge them as idiots because we don’t know what were the pumps availability when each one arrive. If I get to a station and there is a single available pump, I take it even if the tank is on the other side of the car. If, while I’m filling, the car on the other side leaves and another person takes its place with its tank on the opposite side as well, we’d both be like the picture here.

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