19 Animals Caught Red-Handed

They aren’t as sneaky as they think they are. [via boredpanda]



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  1. Is thumbtack cat trying to kill someone or was that just a case of “now that I have the thing I worked for, I no longer want it”?

    1. The answer to the question “is cat trying to kill someone’ is always yes. It may also have tired of whatever it has found, but it could leave it anywhere. But because ‘cat’ it might as well also try to kill someone. That’s just basic cat logic.

    2. It’s just a cat thing. My cat steals absolutely everything small and hides it in my shoes. I’ve found bottle caps, lip gloss, crumpled receipts and other random stuff in there.

      I guess they think it’s either a really good hiding place, or the best way to wrap a “gift.” He always looks so shocked when I dump it all out.

    1. Laces out, Dan

      FinkleandEinhorn FinkleandEinhorn FinkleandEinhorn… Finkle. And Einhorn. Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle!
      …. *retches*

  2. The cats with the pancakes are two different cats… Their eyes are totally different. And so is their coloring.

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