16 Things That Will Ruin Your Day

Not the worst day of your life, but definitely extraordinary in the bad way. [via smosh]



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  1. Took me way too long to figure out what was bad about #1. My first thought was that the heating element was actually a pink glo necklace and the guy was sad because it wouldn’t cook his pizza.

    1. The guy’s sad because he just realized he’s Chris Hardwick from and alternate reality in which he never got sober.

  2. That car in the sinkhole looks awful. I’ve seen realistic street art that mimics it and I kind of hope that’s what this is.

  3. Hey Megan you entered fingerme yourself.It’s the change your password screen.
    Fuck me when people post shit that everyone knows how it looks, and tries to pass it off as funny.

    1. Not true. Most IT departments with large numbers of users will establish a standard formula for generating usernames, in this case it looks like last name and first two letters of first name. I once worked at a place where the standard was first initial and first five letters of last name. There was a guy who worked there named Paul Nessel, he ended up being PNESSE.

      1. At my workplace, the username for our computer system is the first three letters of your last name, followed by the first three letters of your first name. Two of my co-workers, Heather and Emily had usernames IAMHEA and HEREMI (which sound like “I am here” and “here am I”).

        We also had a black guy named Terry whose username was WHITER.

    2. Nope, most universities will give you a username and email that’s your last name + part of your first name. Her name is Megan Finger, hence the username fingerme.

    1. You cannot possibly be serious. And if you are, I pray God you don’t work in any capacity that requires communicating with the public. The person obviously meant he wanted only ketchup ON the burger, not IN PLACE OF the burger. Why in heaven’s name would you think otherwise?!

      1. Because it says “only ketchup.” Food service people aren’t mind readers, and people do ask for some truly crazy shit. It’s not that hard to ask for exactly what you want.

        1. Well, if that’s the case, they got the order wrong, because there’s a bun with the ketchup.

        2. Again, you’ve got to be kidding. The receipt also says McDouble. If the customer asked for “a McDouble with only ketchup” he DID ask for exactly what he wanted. You don’t have to be a mind-reader to not be an utter imbecile.

          It seems kind of impractical to suggest that every special request should sound like this: “I want a top bun and a bottom bun, with ketchup on one of them – it doesn’t matter which one – and I want two all-beef patties in between the buns. The patties should also be cooked.”

          As the commenter above correctly pointed out, if the employee really believed the customer wanted ONLY ketchup (ignoring the “McDouble” part), he could have just handed him a bunch of ketchup packets and been done with it.

          There is no reasonable way to claim honest confusion on this.

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