29 Hilarious Memes for Introverts

Make sure to bring up this post next time you go to a party. Or… nah. [via acidcow]



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  1. Hello all. This is a friendly reminder that, while introverts do need time alone to “recharge”, self-isolation can be a problematic behaviour. This is particularly true for those of us who suffer from social anxiety and engage in avoidance behaviour instead of seeking help. Counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and/or medication can help you have satisfying interactions with others, while taking care of yourself.

    1. Also don’t be a dick and constantly cancel plans or bail out on them, or you might find yourself with no friends in the future.

      It’s important to let yourself recover from social situations, but avoiding them completely is harmful, and not fair to your friends if you’re lucky enough to HAVE friends who want to hang out with you.

      1. I just don’t make plans with people in the first place. I’m capable of having social interactions, but I just don’t want to. Sue me.

  2. Seventh from end, dog and hooman in tub. BUNION ALERT!!! Ouch! I’d stay at home and soak my feets, too.

  3. I am an introvert around people I don’t know well, but I am always up for hanging with friends. Constantly avoiding social interactions is not healthy.

    1. Calling people assholes for being introverted makes you seem like a real pleasure to be around. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want the privilege of hanging out with you? /s

      1. Yeah every character quirk needs to be some kind of disorder today.
        Like to be on your own? Don’t like taking to strangers? Hate loud music in crowded clubs? Do you need rest after an exhausting time? You are an introvert.
        According to all this I am an “introvert”. But I refuse taking that label.

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