22 Amazing Feats of Bad Design

If you know why these things are bad you’re like, half-way to graduating design school. [via ebaumsworld]



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    1. I for one am all for building a Washington DC that not only is an island, but resembles the Capitol Building.

    2. I like how Wisconsin apparently ate part of Michigan and is sticking out its long lizard tongue in victory.

      1. Was going to say either an Anteater, or one of the Aliens off the Simpsons Halloween specials, but I’ve never been there in real life so won’t comment.

  1. The photo of the mannequins in the window display…I’m not sure what I’m missing? The outlet box thingie next to it? That’s all? Really?

    1. I think it’s that the “Sale” sign is formatted like a color blindness test, so color-blind people won’t be able to read it? But I’m not sure.

      1. I’m not even colour blind and I had trouble reading them. Or even noticing that they were something other than pretty plates.

        1. In my country, colour blind people get along fairly well, and are able to perform nearly all daily tasks, including that of being an artist.

      1. Directions to my house: head west, go 2 miles then turn east. When you get to the T turn south for 1/2 kilometer. The road will curve to the north. At the stop sign go south 1 nautical mile. Turn right and go east 1326 fathoms. Turn right again and go west 21,160 get. We’re the pink house on the east side of the road.

        1. Sorry. Got my directions mixed up. This was supposed to post in the top level, not the color blind level.

    2. Maybe it’s the shadow in the large blue box (electrical transformer?) which looks like the JigSaw face?

  2. If only Washington DC were out in the ocean like that. Us, the citizens of this great country, could revolt and close the borders next time congress was in session and the annoying orange was actually in the white house for once. Only then would this country start to be great again.

    1. *We
      If you can’t tell, leave out the bit between the commas and try it – “Us could revolt…”
      You’re welcome.

  3. I’m gonna take those boat cushions with me when I go on the Brisbane Metroad System. If only I could find a matching compass…..

    1. Yes, the whole North is right really messes with my mind man.

      And another thing, what is the scale of that sign? An accurate map should have a scale and a legend. Surely it’s not 1:1.

      1. How many street maps have you ever seen with a scale? From what I can measure on Google Maps, that sign covers an area about 35km across, which is nearly 22 miles. Total area would be 1225 square kilometers or 473 square miles. A quick Google search says the area on the sign is about the same size as Portland, if that helps picture it.

    2. Actually it’s fairly accurate because Sydney/Toowomba/Ipswich are the same place, and Cairns/Sunshine Coast are basically the same. Sydney is just a trashier version of the Gold Coast, so again, basically the same (Sydney takes about 14 hours to get to though in a monaro).

  4. I’m gonna hazard a guess for the emergency exit one in the airport(?) – that wall is a big mirror, maybe?

    Also anyone consider that a few of these are just being caught mid-construction? Like they aren’t done installing the stairs or removing the sign or whatever?

  5. Hey! I’m from Brisbane!

    Yeah, our roads are kind of confusing. To be fair, though, that sign isn’t a single intersection, it’s the entire city. At that scale, you’re more likely to be using GPS than street signs like this.

  6. One thing that would make the picture of the gate with no fence better is if there were a sub that said “Keep off the grass”.

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