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poorly drawn lines

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      1. You’re not very good at home schooling. It is not a sign of loving them less if you send your kid to someone else to be taught.

    1. Those signs annoy me.

      And why is it always coffee shops that try to sell their lack of accommodations as a feature? If you’re too cheap for wifi, just keep it to yourself please.

      1. No. Please continue to advertise it so that I won’t waste my time there and can go mooch wifi elsewhere.

    2. I come into a shitty-ass cafe to look at kitty pictures with a slice of cake and some coffee. Not to socialise or whatever the fuck they expect us to do with no wifi.

    3. not having wifi at a coffee shop is far from a deal breaker for me. these ~just talk to each other!!!~ signs will make me choose another shop. i’m not on my phone while i have my coffee instead of talking with strangers, i’m on it to pass the time while i wait for the caffeine to kick in so i can actually stand other humans

    4. that one is especially obnoxious because of the “call your mom it’s 1993” part? umm??? i feel like cell phones were still pretty uncommon then. unless they have a bank of payphones in there, #fail

    5. If they want to deter customers in order to make a stupid point, that’s their problem. Just don’t come crying to us with a “Millennials are killing WiFi-free cafes!” when this starts to inevitably kill business.

  1. That hand holding the beetle holding the knife is so wrong on so many levels. I don’t even know where to start.

  2. Alternative caption for that sign:

    “We’re too cheap to buy Wifi, use your phone’s data plan while we act as pretentious as possible.”

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