20 Stock Photos That Are Way Too Morbid

The only thing saving these photos from being upsetting is the hilariously bad production values. [via darkstockphotos]



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    1. Right after “millennials are” you misspelled “sensitive snowflakes that can’t be exposed to anything upsetting or controversial or we will cry and need to go home”.

      1. The god-king of conservatives, President Don’t had a satirical performance of Julius Caesar shut down when he was fine with it when they were targeting Obama

      2. Poor wittle baby, shouldn’t you be blaming minorities and all the fictional “advantages” they have for all of your problems?

      3. By using the term snowflake, you outed yourself as a sheep brainwashed by Faux News and the propaganda machine of the insanity wing of the right. You neither have any identity nor independent thought. I’m willing to bet that your response to any criticism based on fact about Trump is “well Hillary did……” rather than actually address the argument or criticism. Btw, Hillary was awful, but Trump is killing America.

        I am also willing to bet that you proudly identify yourself as a “deplorable” while being too stupid to realize that by doing so, you admit and identify yourself as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamophobic.

        You, GirlFriday, have less independent thought and intelligence than a gnat with the equivalent personality I bet. Keep your opinions and comments on breitbart, faux news and whatever site that Alex Jones runs.

        1. When did mocking millennials become a partisan issue???

          Which political party am I supporting by denigrating Nickelback fans?

          1. The term snowflake is a deragatory term used by right wing media to describe millenial liberals, like those that support Bernie Sanders. It’s an over-generalization label exclusively used by the right wing media to ridicule anyone that has mental health issues like suicide, depression etc and to stigmatize them. Its a dead giveaway.

          2. Nobody is ridiculing anyone with suicide or depression issues. YOU are the classic snowflake. Poor thing.

          1. Aww, did I hit too close to home? Dead on I suspect. Typical response by a Trumper, go for an ad hominem attack with zero substance or thought rather than an intelligent response.

        2. Wow, I didn’t mean to stir this much debate. Mainly was trying to make an off-color pun (triggers/guns) but I suppose probably not appropriate in retrospect. My apologies.

  1. Fun to do a reverse image search and see how they were used. They’re mostly used in things like this, lists of disturbing stock images. I found the one with the kid pointing the gun in his mouth in an article about guns & gun control.

  2. giving someone the finger is morbid? balancing an obviously empty cardboard box on your back is morbid? a girl surprised to see a guy’s penis is morbid? You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  3. The guy was trying to shake hands with his left hand– what else would you do except give him the finger #appropriate

  4. ever confused on what to do?! Killing a man in bed is a much happier occasion that pulling a gun on your dog! It certainly beats those BORING meetings about texting and driving!

    Learn how to say fuck you to promotions! That upstairs floor ain’t so great wth the slipping nd sliding and the women are always on the hunt! So please make children, before contemplating suicide over schoolwork just think of your future! You, too, can incite thoughts of robbing your own wife to really spice things up! You might not have it go as expected and go to bed angry, but at least you aren’t snorting cocaine!

    Good thing your boss just died, now you can afford cigarettes for your man friend and baby! He might hang he self later, but sleep off the sadness at work! So get angry! Take control, and kick that ducking elephant in the FACE!!!!!!

  5. While I was scrolling through the images, an advertisement for one of Oprah’s books popped up. I found that humorous.

    1. That is quite humorous! My ads are usually for a local hospital and use some other weird af stock images, including a woman in full camouflage gear just chilling in a physician office on the exam table. The first few times I thought they were part of a funny pic dump before I realized that’s what our hospital thinks we relate to the most.

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