21 Hilarious Memes For Dogs

These are memes for dogs and, I assume, by dogs. [via buzzfeed]



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  1. Huskies should not be shaved! Some dogs are double-coated and shaving them removes their guard coat. Includes collies, golden retrievers, labs, chow chows, etc…

    1. I agree that it is not ideal, but maybe there was a medical reason for the shaving of the husky. We had an Old English Sheep Dog when I was a child and Sam Dog got the business end of a porcupine while he was protecting the house. The vet had to be shave him all the way down so that the quills could be removed.

    2. That’s what I thought when I first saw it. However, the dog may have been shaved due to skin problems.

    3. It bugs the hell out of me, all these pictures all over the internet of “cute” or “hilarious” before and after photos of dogs that SHOULD NOT BE SHAVED OR GET CERTAIN AREAS OF FUR CUT THAT DRASTICALLY. I know in some cases it’s for medical reasons, but it sure seems like most of the time people are just doing it because LOLCUTE.

  2. I’m pretty sure that’s a terrier that’s going soaring through the air at eye level. Ridiculous animals. I love them.

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