21 Restaurants That Went Way Too Far

There’s a difference between good presentation and complete insanity. [via boredpanda]



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    1. That one reminds me of Cold Warriors from Futurama:

      Where’s that Chicken Soup we asked for?
      Bender: Chicken, water, fire. You take it from there

    1. Except for the Ferris Wheel of Unidentified Fried Object. That looks pretty good. The rest would be an insult.

  1. I would totally get the Fried Foods Ferris Wheel.
    The rest are weird. I can’t even tell how would you even eat some of those

    1. I mean, the Burger-Knife thing also looks good, but that’s probably more to do with the sheer amount of meat and cheese involved.

      Also, do you get to keep the knife like some kind of extremely pointy Happy Meal toy, or…?

  2. Is there some kind of global plate shortage I don’t know about? (Also, if I wanted to squeeze my own orange juice or assemble my own salad, I could do it at home for a lot less money).

  3. If the menu item in picture #5 isn’t called the “Excali-burger”, I’m going to be very disappointed.

  4. I have been served that “salad.” The one that is a head of lettuce with a sprinkling of dressing on the plate beside it. It sucked. There’s never enough dressing and you can’t cut a fucking head of lettuce like a steak it just falls apart and makes a mess.

    Never eat anywhere they’re trying to make a statement with food.

  5. The wine glasses with cake slices on top look like something the people of Buzzfeed would call Instagram Famous and go review.

  6. No one is going to talk about the bloddy mary garnished with half the menu and a seperate bloody mary? We’re okay with that? Okay, then.

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