Funny Pic Dump (7.13.17)


lol nein

viaviaviaviaviajake likes onions
viamr lovenstein

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21 responses to Funny Pic Dump (7.13.17)

  1. “Could you try to arrive a little later than planned? We’re still preparing your welcome.”

  2. I would like to know the coordinates of the 9th photo from the bottom. I don’t need it, I want it. There could be cheetos in it for ya.

  3. I think found your cat but I’m not gonna give it up unless you have some proof that it’s really yours. After all, I bought it a new cardboard box and a new paper bag. Fair is fair.

  4. As a millennial who exclusively uses my phone to contact people who are 12 feet away from me, I do not understand the last comic.

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