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      1. You shouldn’t have had kids then if you couldn’t handle it. I hate parents that whine about having kids and how hard it is. Yeah, no shit Sherlock. Kids fucking suck. You chose it, now deal with it and quit your bitching.

        We chose not to have kids and guess what? It’s great. No diapers, we can go anywhere we want at any time and the money we save, it’s just fantastic. Any restaurant we want, relax on the beach and just drink without worrying about anything drowning. The sleep too, uninterrupted. Seriously, why do you people have kids to ruin that?

        1. Considering how uptight you are about someone’s one sentence post, I thank the good lord you’re choosing not to have kids, for the kids, and their friends, and their friend’s parent’s sake.

          1. Self-absorbed lifestyles are downright awesome! Thanks for the wish but we already got all the luck.

        2. I mean, maybe let people choose what they want AND bitch? You don’t tell someone they’re not allowed to bitch. Being a parental figure (some people don’t choose and still end up caring for a child, ever think of that?) Is a lot of work and dedication. And wine helps that, honestly. Hell, I’m not a parent. I just help raise my nieces. You know why? Because raising kids is fucking hard. It really foes take a village to raise a child, but it can be worth it to some people. Its a matter of personal choice. It isn’t your right to bitch about people who “whine” about taking care of kids. Like, the kids are still being cared for. So who cares? Just let them complain. It blows off stress, which children cause a lot of. Honestly k feel like you just used this to talk about how great your life is without kids. It might be, but some people genuinely want children and that’s their choice. Complaining about kids after taking care of them endlessly? Its fine. Its stressful and difficult beyond measure. Your parents should have used some protection upon your conception, or just raised you to be a tad nicer. But that’s why I said it takes a village 🙂

          1. Let me guess, you are the type to say being a mom is the hardest and most thankless job on the planet. So full of yourself. It is so not the hardest job and what are you supposed to be thanked for? Doing your job as a parent? Really? Billions of people are parents, so not a hard job at all.

        3. Actually, having kids is a wonderful experience… except for that part where people who don’t have kids tell you that you don’t know how to do it. I look forward to when I am old and hopeful that my children will help me while I am spilling food out of my tray and they are sitting on the floor drinking wine…

          1. I will never tell you how to raise your kids, just for you to leave if your kids become disruptive and unruly.

        4. Thank you for choosing not to reproduce. From your post, it sounds like the world could definitely use fewer people like you.

      1. To you. Kids are the worst to YOU. So don’t have any. And while you’re at it, never do anything else ever, since there’s a possibility you might not like it or it might be hard. Drive a car? No! There might be traffic! Go to college? No! You might not be able to keep up with schoolwork! Pull your head out of your ass? No! Your head might be too big to dislodge without ripping your anus!

  1. If you have time to pour yourself a drink and sit there and take pictures on the floor you have time to clean up the kid’s mess and actually be a parent.

    1. It’s a f***ing joke, you ass.

      How are there always so many people on humor sites who don’t understand the very concept of humor?

      1. This is the Serious Pic Dump. All pics on this page are serious and meant to be taken seriously.

        But honestly, no. I work with kids for a few hours a day, five days a week. I LOVE my job and find it incredibly fulfilling. But messes rarely get picked up instantly. I have rough days. It’s exhausting. And sometimes a big glass (or 3) of wine in the evenings really helps. I can only imagine how taxing it is to be a parent.

        So if a parent was feeling tired and had to sit down for a minute while the other parent took a funny pic of the situation, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t “actually being a parent.” They’re just being human. And if that’s what you consider an example of bad parenting, I cringe to think of how cold and austere you think good parenting is.

  2. so, yeah, let’s teach children that eating naked is the right way to do it. what could go wrong?

    cut to old japanese “business men” eating sushi served on a naked model.

    1. Yeah, cuz that’s the same thing. Nobody is eating the food off the baby, it just makes it easier because you have to wash the kid anyway, so, less laundry and as a result you might even use less water/electricity. Don’t have a kid but your point is pretty obviously wrong and not funny.

      1. yep, you don’t have a child, so what qualifies you to advise on the best way to feed one?

        people have come up with this wonderful invention called “the bib”. some improved it by making it out of easily washable plastic, with a pouch in which falling food is gathered. you pretty much only have to wash the child’s face and hands at the end of the meal. but, no, let’s save $2 and fully bathe the child after each meal, that’s a fun way to spend time…

  3. Did anyone else notice the very small child in the bottom right corner of the “Junior High Dance Your Face Off ” picture?

    1. I’d sort of call it the middle-right to slightly upper right corner of the picture.

      For example, if you had a standard flipper (ie. for snorkelling/ scuba diving) and placed the heel side on the left side of the picture, and assuming the width of the picture was the same as the flipper (either get a larger or smaller sized flipper OR enlarge or ensmallen the picture that you printed out to do this), so if you put the heel part of the flipper on the left side of the picture, in the middle, and this next bit is important, and then laid the flipper horizontally so that the furthest part of the flipper away from your toe was placed on the far right hand side of the same picture, then I would say the child would be obscured by the flipper, probably in slightly the top half of the page. So for those reasons I would say it is in slightly the the upper half of the picture, or more simply, where the longer big-toe side of a flipper would be if you placed a right-footed flipper, open foot part facing up, with the heel end on the left side etc etc. If you placed it upside down then the child would still be in the upper right hand side of the picture though.

  4. The Spot one? Again? Seriously how many times do I have to see that un-funny and most likely fake picture?

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