19 Hilarious Tumblr Posts

Some tumblr posts go from merely good to hall of fame territory. [via ebaumsworld]



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  1. The last one was actually pretty heartwarming, knowing that some management team had heard her answer and decided to hire her for it. Can you end more of these things on a high note please? 😀

    1. It’s a freaking fast food restaurant for Pete’s sake. Literally anything that makes you stand out in some way will get you the job.

      1. Well, not literally anything, but still, I’m kind of curious as to why that person considered her answer to be “fucking up”. What the hell kind of answers did she think she was competing against? What is the “correct” answer to “why do you want to work at McDonald’s”? Do you think the average interviewee has a series of bullet points lined up to explain why they’d like to shove fries into paper bags for the rest of their life and would never cheat on McDonald’s by taking night classes in order to become an X-ray technician or something?

        Call me cynical, but “why do you want this job?” is a stupid question and should be barred from all interviews forthwith. Any answer other than “I need money and I think I’m qualified” is completely dishonest.

        1. Pretty much all questions should be banned from interviews, since interviews don’t give you an accurate idea of potential job performance of a candidate, with the possible exception of the job of being an interviewer.

  2. I have seen a bunch of these before and I am not one of those d-bags who goes to 17 sites like this every day and then complains that they saw something twice. I only come here. And I’ve seen a bunch of these before. Here. On this site. OK?

    1. Yeah man, I’m with you. At least none of this stuff was on this site earlier this week, though. Because that’s happened before.

  3. The “look back at your past” was a big plot point in ‘Life on Forbez”. The alien race “The Omnis” think that later on they will develop the tech to literally see into the past and thus your ancestors will constantly be watching you, causing all of the Omni to develop a complex and be huge pricks and try to be perfect 24/7. Except for a group of Omnis who decide that its stupid and are the super cool, super chill neighbors.

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