Funny Pic Dump (7.18.17)

viamr lovenstein

viaviaviapoorly drawn lines

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      1. There is a difference between the two. One is orange, flings its feces at people, communicates unintelligibly, lacks human intelligence and is a threat to mankind.

        The other is an orangutan.

          1. ***you’re

            You can defend Republicans, but seriously why are you still defending this inept president, his nepotism and his shitstorm of a policy, administration and presidency? He is not a republican, he’s an insane Douchebag who is using his position to enrich himself while destroying and ruining America.

  1. I don’t think that monkey is ugly. Everyone is beautiful in their own special way. If you judge people like that, you are in fact the ugly one. Ugly on the inside.

  2. That Goat Man is weird. He said that he would consider the experiment (of becoming a goat) a success if he contemplated having sex with a goat.

  3. I could just be being contrary here but I think some of the photos without captions really should have a caption added and at the same time I think that some of the photos with captions really shouldn’t have a caption. You know like ‘Hulk gives Thor taste of own medicine’. Or like ‘When you’re both masturbating over FaceTime and he asks if you are fantasising about him’..Wait that one’s got a caption already.

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