30 Weird And Poorly Designed Signs

They need a second sign to explain the first one. [via thechive]



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    1. Hey lady hows about you talk about your deviations somewhere else?

      {I hope you see what I did there, I mean stats is part of math and I was pretending to sound tough};

  1. I dunno, I think Suicidal Deer is pretty straight forward.

    But I guess I live in a place where new drivers are warned that it’s more likely to be hit BY a deer, than to hit a deer, and both have pretty good odds. Also I was late to work this morning because of a dead deer on the road I usually take blocking off half the lanes.

  2. It’s possible the Verizon sign is upside down because the store is no longer in that Travel Center. I’ve seen places do that before, though I have no idea why they don’t just REMOVE the sign. They’re already in there, after all.

  3. So, um. How do you verify that your pedicure tastes like ice cream? Because it’s not actually possible to put your foot physically in your mouth.

    1. I am not very flexible, but I can, relatively easily, get my foot up to my mouth. I’d rather not taste my foot, but I could if I wanted or needed to. If you are under the age of 50, and have at least one foot, and barring any physical handicaps, you should be able to also. You may want to talk to a doctor or physical therapist if you cannot.

      Now, if you are saying you cannot fit your whole foot in your mouth, then yes, you are correct, but you don’t have to fit your whole foot in your mouth to taste your foot.

      1. As other people have said, not everyone can. I also at one point assumed everyone could, but after many evenings of drunken “I can do this can you do this?” I’ve learned that I’m one of the most flexible people in the group, which I didn’t expect honestly. People do tend to assume others can do what they can do – but that’s not always true.

      2. I can only get my foot about a yard away from my mouth. There is no way I could ever taste it. Which is perhaps one perk of not being flexible.

    2. That’s why they work on multiple people at a time. That way you get to try the various flavors on other peoples’ feet.

  4. Yes, I’d like to order some letters for a sign please… Okay. One L, one K, one E, two M’s, three C’s, fifteen G’s…

    1. Yeah, duh. You’re standing there talking numbers back and forth while the person at the deli counter is trying to remember how many pounds of whatever you wanted and then typing it all in and all that junk. Next time you’re trying to work with numbers, have someone stand next to you talking different numbers and see how well that goes for you.

    1. I’d like to fact check you on that, but there’s no way I’ve got time to type that into Google.

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