Dogs Aren’t Great at Hide and Seek (21 Pics)

Now Ferrets, there’s an animal that’s good at hide and seek. [via dumpaday]



5 responses to Dogs Aren’t Great at Hide and Seek (21 Pics)

    1. I can’t tell if this was a typo or if there is really a cat in that picture. If there is its darn good at hiding. Props to Muta for spotting it. Also, the monkey in that picture will haunt my dreams tonight…

      1. I can’t see a cat- but I’ve seen a monkey like that before. They have weird faces/mouths because you can put one of its thumbs in its mouth. Which honestly doesn’t make it much better but that’s why it has a weird mouth I think.

  1. I saw no dogs in this collection, so you’re SO VERY WRONG about them not being “good” at hiding. Pffft!

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