At Least You Tried (28 Pics)

Nobody gets it right 100% of the time. But at least aim for 50/50. [via thechive]



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  1. Sometimes the bulb blows and you don’t have any in the house, all the shops are shut, but you still want to use the computer. Hence the camping light.

    We have one in our bathroom for similar reasons.

        1. Computer screens are backlit, lighting the computer keyboard. Just adjust the brightness on the screen to make it brighter, duh

  2. Serious sideeye to the girl complaining about being a fat size 3. That’s neither cute nor funny, and I now downgrade her EVERYTHING to a 3.

      1. Common now, that girl is obviously a pixie! Imagine Tinkerbell as a size 3, she would look like a soft ball. Peter Pan can be just so insensitive!

    1. Eh, every woman I’ve ever known has complained about being fat at some point. I’ve heard it from all shapes and sizes of women. Social image is a powerful thing man.

  3. i really hope the chewbacca was not a mistake and was totally intentional. it’s awesome.

    the ashtray has a no-smoking sign for the same reason airplane bathrooms have ashtrays. smoking is not allowed but if someone does smoke it is better that they have a place to put out the butt safely than throw it somewhere dangerous.

  4. “I’m a size three! I’m so fat! Waaaaahhh!!! ”

    Bitch. I’m a size 20. Come the fuck at me. I’m fat. You’re a goddamn stick. Fuck off.

  5. Maybe the Chevy owner has had lots of issues with it and hates it, but can’t afford to trade it in so they bought the sticker instead?

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