How Do Things Work? (24 Pics)

If you’re not sure on the instructions, ask an adult. [via buzzfeed]



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    1. Can you see their chromosomes in that pic?

      Irrespective, how do you know they don’t identify as men, at least at that moment?

    2. Um, actually, those are N64 controllers. They’re using them correctly. Those things were/are awkward as hell to hold. Am I missing something here? The way they’re gently holding them maybe? Nothing I can see is wrong about that picture.

      1. I thought the “fail” part of the picture was the caption. As in “you actually care how someone else holds a controller in a video game? You fail at caring about stuff”. I guess I fail at recognizing what is and isn’t a fail.

      2. You typically use your left thumb on the analogue stick, with your pointer finger on the back for the ‘Z’ trigger, holding the middle prong in your hand, not hold them like a pair of tweezers.

        1. Yes, typically. But there’s nothing wrong with how they’re holding the controllers. It’s extremely easy to see how they would feel they had more control over directional shifts holding it that way, as opposed to nudging the stick with their thumbs from the left side. It’s kind of like how when I was playing a scene in which I had to rapidly press a single button, I would set down a controller or put it flat in my palm and jab the button with the index finger of my free hand. There’s no right or wrong way to hold a video game controller; there’s just the way that works best for you. If you think otherwise, you’re a pretentious d-bag.

          1. It really depends on what game you’re playing … many games have actions that you use the Z trigger for (ie. items in Mario Kart).

            TL;DR, they’re clearly clueless but it’s not a factor of them being female.

  1. Melted plastic in the oven is no joke. You need to replace the whole thing, as it’s nearly impossible to clean every bit of it once it hardens, and you’d end up with toxic fumes all over your food

    1. I saw that pic somewhere else with the caption that it was an old machine set for disposal and they wanted to see how many things the magnet would attract and hold before they got rid of it.

  2. Girls hands are smaller than guys so sometimes your thumb can’t reach to use the analog stick properly and you have to resort to what you see above

    1. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!!!!!! I was literally just bitching that I saw nothing wrong in that picture!!!!

    2. I could use the controller fine in middle school, I don’t think it’s the size of the hand or the gender, just unfamiliarity with the controller.

    1. Seriously. I didn’t even find it funny the first time. “Hey look at this indistinct ultrasound picture that is roughly the color of burnt cheese. Isn’t it hilarious that somebody either briefly mistook it for a bad picture of lasagna or made a deadpan joke about the possibility of doing so? And then the other person either corrected him straightforwardly or didn’t get the joke! Hilarious!

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