Funny Pic Dump (7.27.17)

viaberkeley mews

viaviaviaviaviajake likes onions

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  1. It was cute when the first person did the TMNJ thing with a sewer cover. Anything else is just theft of the idea.

    1. I greeted a friend’s female dog with a “Hey, buddy!” and he corrected me. “‘Hey *girl*,’ you mean.”

      Like a girl dog can’t be a “buddy”…?

      As to whether a female dog can be a good boy, I say it’s perfectly within propriety to call a dog you just met a “good boy”, even if she’s really a bitch. Because only the owners care. Both genders of dogs are happy to be called “good boys”. 🙂

  2. Is that a dunk tank version of the bicycle course for kids where they ride between the cones, and ride as slow as they can and such? Because that would be awesome, watching a bunch of little kids end up in the canal.

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