Sports Balls Replaced by Cats (17 Pics)

We don’t recommend using actual cats to play sports. [via sadanduseless]



8 responses to Sports Balls Replaced by Cats (17 Pics)

  1. Soft kitty, warm kitty, WHOOPSIE! Ded kitty.. Please do NOT spike, hike, hut one, hut two, head or dunk your kitty.

    1. I knew there would be at least one that would have to express their displeasure, as though these are actual cats being tossed around. Clearly this post is telling people it’s more fun to throw a cat than a ball. I see new cat-ball leagues popping up all over the world now. Thank you Jan for reinforcing my faith in the absurdity that humans are capable of. I’ll bet you’re pro-choice too.

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