14 Pointlessly Gendered Products

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        1. Yep. A male lion/gorilla looks and behaves like they do because of social constructs. No. It’s just that people are too afraid of differences so they have to make everything the same by REconstructing.

        1. It’s funny how you say “hetero” in a derogatory manner, with a smug attitude, but it’s abundantly clear that you’re an insuferable moron that is incapable of their own accomplishments so you just tear others down.

          How about you actually do something to define yourself rather than rely on your fringe characteristics that you tout as though it makes you better than everyone else?

          You gargantuan bore.

          1. or maybe they are a business owner who doesn’t want to make 50+ bathrooms that might never be used once

    1. If you want recognition in society then you should stop treating straight people and gay people as if they’re different species.

  1. For some of these I fail to see an issue. Like the Bounce. Is that no different than men’s deodorant? Maybe some men like a more masculine scent idk. People read way too far into insignificant stuff – just let it be. If you go through life looking for problems everywhere you’ll have a life filled with problems.

      1. Sorry to sound snotty- but some unscented items have a smell. There might not be any fragrance added to make it smell a certain way, but it will have a smell. Fragrance free means absolutely no smell. My husband is very scent sensitive and fragrance free is the way to go if there’s two options, because fragrance free still smells.

  2. I just assume all female doctors wear pink coats, pink glasses and have pink stethoscopes andBlood pressure thingies. If they don’t, I’m going to assume they’re not a real doctor and ask to see a man.

  3. Ehh.. half of these are okay… the earplugs could be for smaller ear canals, the deodorant might have a different smell or different ingredients, the “mantiques” are for traditionally male things like cufflinks or wristwatches for men (men generally have thicker wrists. A bigger watch looks better).
    The garbage can with man/women might be just there to have both genders represented.

    1. If the ear plugs are for small ears then they should just say “small”. Men can have small ears, women can have big ears. What’s the point in gendering them? Will women not buy earplugs in their size if they don’t come in pink? It serves absolutely no purpose other than to subtly perpetuate the idea that women should be dainty and small and men should be big and burly.

      Yes, they’re small things. But small things add up. Think how you’d feel if every day you were told that you are wrong to like the things that you like because they are “not for you”.

      Also, with regard to the deodorant, have you ever thought about how insane/unnecessary it is that we assign gender to smells?

  4. I think that the best thing about the doctor toolbox thing is that whilst pink is labelled “for girls” and not-pink is labelled “for boys”, the ordering site says the colour is sent at random. WHERE IS YOUR UNNECESSARY GENDERING NOW?! AHAHAHAHA!

  5. Yes almost all of these are silly, but the Mantiques one is pretty good. Women can certainly be interested in knives, belt buckles, and money clips if they want to, but I would think the audience for those types of items would tilt male.

  6. Ellevest does a lot of good things for women. That’s not unnecessary, they are actually trying to get women involved in something they are traditionally chased away from.

    The rest of these are awful. Dudes, if you can’t buy something unless it affirms your masculinity in some way, you are pathetic and deserve to not have nice things. Mantiques? Give me a fucking break.

    I’m all for everything being available in pink (or literally any other color, options are fun), but I wish they’d stop labeling it for girls. Dudes can use pink tools or whatever too.

    1. Don’t be a hypocrite. Women buy things all the time that affirm their femininity, but when guys buy to affirm their masculinity we’re pathetic? Sure, dudes CAN use pink tools, but most guys don’t want to. ‘Mantiques’ is clever advertising. MOST guys are interested in MOST of those items. MOST women are not AS interested in MOST of those items. Noone is forcing anyone to buy or not buy or suggesting women can’t. Sheesh. Talk about being sexist.

      1. Just because lots of dudes don’t want to buy something doesn’t make it for women. Calling it a mantique does not change the fact the they’re antiques and if you can’t buy an antique without it patting your ass and promising you’re still a man, you’re pathetic.

        I have never bought anything that affirmed my femininity. I mean, the things I buy are often marketed at women, but that’s because dudes do not need tampons usually.

  7. “Mantiques” actually seems useful. It gives the men who have been dragged along by their wives something to do, and the bright color of the sign is a beacon for when their wives are done shopping and come back to fetch them.

    1. No. Which is exactly why gendering the product is pointless.

      At best it caters to insecure men, at worst it creates them.

    1. That one ALMOST makes srnse, if the gendered trash is related to the bathroom . Women have sanitary products to dispose of, especially discouraged from flushing those down, and that bag will hill up and need to be changed more often.

  8. I don’t know if anyone knows this here, but men and women are exactly identical, and anything at all whatsoever that says they aren’t exactly the same is sexist against women.

  9. Yeah, the majority of these seem unproblematic to me. I recognize it as truly pointless gendering when a company just takes an existing product, colors it pink, and says “this is for girls now,” like they did with the doctor’s play set above, or with the notorious BIC pens for her (not pictured).

    Most of the others are just good faith marketing gimmicks for people who identify strongly with one gender or another. There are innumerable cover designs for diaries, targeting all sorts of people. It hardly seems beyond the pale to say, “hey, let’s throw a bunch of stereotypically masculine crap on one of these, for guys who think of themselves as manly men but might still be interested in keeping a diary, which society has traditionally regarded as a more feminine activity.” If anything, that’s actually countering the idea of fixed gender roles.

    Similarly, at least the sponge manufacturers had it in mind that either mommy or daddy could be the one doing the household cleaning. They probably just figured that a neutral-colored product called “Scrub Parent” probably wouldn’t seem as appealing, so they put out one for each gender, with the implicit message “buy whichever the hell one you feel like.”

    And what could possibly be the problem with the Ellevest ad, which is clearly subverting the tired cliche about doing things “like a man,” in order to encourage women to take ownership of the financial life of a household and do better at it than the male counterparts who might have been naturally entrusted with that role within a more old-fashioned society. If you think, instead, that the message of that ad is “women and men invest in totally different things and we serve their interests in a totally different way,” then your cynicism must know no bounds.

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