7 Fake State Tourism Flyers

I made some state tourism ads and left them outside a local travel agency. [via obvious plant]

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19 responses to 7 Fake State Tourism Flyers

  1. Come visit Georgia! We have major highways that burst into flames with very little warning, and nearly everything of interest is in the top half of the state. Once you get out of the foothills, there’s nothing but cows, unidentifiable disgusting smells, and a growing conviction that “Deliverance” should have been set near one of our many sketchy interstate off-ramps instead of in the woods.

    …None of that was a joke. I’m serious. Never go south of Atlanta.

  2. More top attractions for California:
    -Road Rage
    -Smog (not Smaug unfortunately)
    -And what’s that shaking the floor… oh yeah, earthquakes.

  3. Top Attractions for Missouri:
    Giant metal handle (the Gateway Arch)
    Short drive from anywhere to nearest meth manufacturer
    Lose your least favorite relative in one of our many caves

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