Kids Say The Rudest Things (21 Pics)

Children get a free pass for rudeness. I should’ve used mine more. [via thechive]



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  1. Is this a representative sample of the new average/normal form of English? Or does using the internet make people less intelligent?

      1. Fun fact, aks is actually the original pronunciation of ask. Ask was used as slang in the South in the 17th and 18th centuries after aks was widely used in old English and proper English. Just something to chew on for ya.

        1. That’s actually not true. I’m not sure where you would have learned that. Although the pronunciation “ax,” has been used for a very long time (see Chaucer, “axe and it shall be given,”), it was never the “original” pronunciation. By the 16th century “ask” had become the standard.

  2. I have a cousin (who is a lesbian) named Heather who is married to her wife Pam. One day my little cousin looked at his mom straight in the eyes and asked, “Can we go to aunt Heather and Uncle Pam’s?”. Never have I laughed so hard.

  3. Grandmothers are all very strikt and they all sa the same thing as they smile swetely over their gin and orange. It is a grandmother’s privilege to spoil her grandchildren GET OFF THAT SOFA NIGEL YOU WILL BRAKE IT

  4. More reasons to never ever have kids…. Or at least smack back of their heads for saying or behaving like little shits once in a while.

    1. Yes, clearly some scattered moments of childish rudeness is a solid reason to depopulate the entire earth. It will leave more room for all the grown-ups slinging death threats and racial slurs at each other on the internet.

  5. They wouldn’t get made fun of if they spoke & wrote in proper english.

    Hook’d on’ ebonics werkd 4 me.

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