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  1. The replacing photos thing is played out and only funny if you know the person that the prank is pulled on.

    The shovel plate is not funny. There is a thing at restaurants in Europe where you order a shovel of food. Did it about 10 years ago at a place in Germany in an old castle.

    Woman wearing white and blue. Congrats, you wore something similar to pots and vases found in just about every store that sells them.

    Stop with the trophy engraving pic, seen that too many times now.

      1. Aww, I’m sorry my level of humor is better and more demanding than yours. Bet you are a Larry the cable guy fan.

    1. Your certainly free to make your own funny pics. Why be bothered that something wasn’t bestowed upon you with great care when you could just do it yourself?

          1. They should steal the shovels, take the food from the rich people, and set up a system where everyone can eat.

      1. Why would I be cranky? I’d be separated from you twats and wouldn’t have to listen to your inane bullshit drivel. I’d be happy.

    2. “What the hell? This free website I voluntarily visit isn’t doing things right. My crusade to explain humor to all these idiots continues!”

    3. Someone brand new logs into the internet for the first time every day. Just because you live only online and have become bored by others work, doesn’t actually make your sense of humor better than anyone else’s. It makes you a rude twat who should spend less time in front of screens and learn how to relate to people. Wear sunscreen.

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