26 Terribly Wrong Tattoos

This is one of the few times a spelling error is kind of a big deal. [via boredpanda]



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  1. White people getting Asian word tattoos deserve what they get. They are up there with the lamest tattoos that don’t look cool at all and make you look like a Douchebag and/or loser.

    1. Barbed wire tattoos around the arm
    2. Any tribal tattoo on a white person
    3. Tramp stamps/lower back/NJ license plate
    4. Any tattoo above the shoulders
    5. Asian letters on non Asian
    6. Paw prints on the breast
    7. Tattoos on your hands/fingers
    8. Any tattoo of a music band

    1. Ehh, I wouldn’t consider most of these to be life-shattering mistakes. For me, most tattoos I see on other people are unrecognizable jibberish unless you’re a foot away concentrating really hard on reading it. Can’t recall the last time I saw someone with tattoos from further than a foot or two away and could not only make out what the tattoo actually was suppose to look like, but also thought it was awesome.

  2. I am disappointed that there weren’t any “no regerts” pics.
    I like to think that the artists spell it wrong on purpose, because they have made you a liar twice over. Now you have a regret and it’s obvious that you have at least one “regert”.

  3. Dident and scollar. Ugh, let’s hope he shoots himself when he drinks rum. Wait, but then who will make my fries? It’s a catch 22.

    1. Donald Trump is in the White House, and you think the only stupid people in the world are making your fries.

  4. What really hurts about these is the fact that there had to be a barely-literate, culturally-uninformed knucklehead on BOTH ends of the needle.

    1. Not necessarily. Tattoo artists, like graphic designers, sign makers and cake decorators, generally have a policy of putting down exactly what was asked for. If you’re not a douche, they may offer you “are you SURE that’s what you want?”

      Copyediting costs extra, and a surprising number of customers would be pissed if there were a correction.

  5. Thing that I find saddest is the people saying “that’s how it was written on the internet!” As if there can’t be any typos on websites… It’s on the internet, it MUST be correct!!!

  6. Tattoos aside, the person saying the arrow on the male symbol represents the penis is hella wrong. It represents that the male gamete (sperm) is motile, while the female (ovum) is static (relatively speaking).

    Patients is a virtue will always make me lol

    1. What th– no. This is a five-second Google. The male symbol is alchemical/astrological shorthand for iron/Mars and the female symbol for phosphorus/Venus. Wikipedia “gender symbol”.

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