16 Weird Thrift Store Finds

The thrift store is like a museum of products no one wants to own. [via ebaumsworld]



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  1. What’s weird about the Star Trek Barbie dolls? Mattel’s been putting out movie/tv Barbie sets for decades. OMG SO WEIRD totally deserves to be on this list with that creepy stuffed animal abomination.

      1. Obviously you’re weird. They were made for adult collectors, not as actual toys for kids.

        Jeeze, some people…

        1. I asked for a Star Trek Barbie and Ken for Christmas when I was a kid because I liked Barbie and Star Trek. I played with them as a kid, and I still have them somewhere.

    1. Personally I’m disgusted by the unreasonable expectations this toy creates.

      Faster than light travel is an absurdity.

      If you could go faster than causality you would go backwards in time, which is clearly impossible.

  2. Sarara; Those tshirts are actually very popular right now, you can order them from redbubble.com, popgoesmetal.com, spreadshirt.com; thecooltshirt.com, etc etc etc. I see them everywhere.

  3. The “yo homes smell ya later” shirt is from 6dollarshirts.com. It’s a reference to the theme song for the show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and it’s awesome. I want it.

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