22 Confusing Pics That Need A Second Look

Or if you’re like me, a third and fourth look. [via buzzfeed]



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          1. Looking really close, in ALL of them you’ll see the correct picture. But that one is tricky, try scrolling fast while seeing the picture, you’ll mind hopefully will do the rest.

      1. Holy crap I missed the people entirely. Focused entirely on the rock/pattern and moved on to the next pic too quickly.

    1. It’s just a big rock, but there’s a tiny little dude on the right side of it. You’re supposed to be like, “cool, a rock” and then see the guy and go, “THAT’S A BIG ROCK.”

    1. More than half of them required a second look from me (and some even took me a while). I’m definitely not on drugs, and my highly technical profession would be only one argument against my being stupid. So is it possible that you just possess above average skills in image interpretation while at the same time being a considerable ass?

    1. Thanks for that – I saw them as drinks on a counter to start with and was wondering what the deal was myself…now I look again and see how they could be seen as bar stools.

    1. I struggled with it, too. After several minutes, I think I partially wrapped my head around it. First of all, there have to be four people in that picture, even though all you can see of one of them is a shoulder and upper arm. I don’t know where the hell his (?) legs are, but I figure he must be holding up the head and shoulders of the little kid whose knees are tucked under the girl’s armpits. The guy with the hat must therefore be leaning over the kid’s torso, totally obstructing it from view.

      This just as trippy as the picture of the girls on the sofa with the wrong number of legs.

      1. Wtf? Girl in tie dyed short and Jean shorts is giving a piggy back ride to guy in white shirt and blue and white shorts. Kid with gray shirt and black shirt is trying to help hold him up. What are you guys seeing?

        1. No, that really doesn’t see right. If the black shorts and grey shirt belong to that kid in the back, he is a mutant. The legs, torso, and head are all misaligned. His head is titled forward while the shoulder is leaning back, significantly behind the head. It seems like he would have to have a two foot, hinged neck in order to be in that position. Perhaps more importantly, we can see the bottom hem of the white shirt, laying atop the black shorts. The entirety of the white shirt is clearly behind the blue and white shorts. They couldn’t possibly be worn by the same person.

          Does anyone else want to help out, here? This is f***ing me up.

          1. Alright, let me try this again. Everything I said above is still correct. You are seeing the white shirt against the black shorts incorrectly. It is the gray shirt’s hem that you are seeing. The slight fold you see above the gray hem is the white shirt, and its folded forward because it is the curve of White Shirt’s body, since he is on the girl’s back. Gray Shirt’s legs are farther forward than his top half because he is trying to help the girl support the weight of White Shirt on the girl’s back, and he is leaning back because of the weight.

            And “gray” is correct in America.

    1. The black is nearly invisible against the background, and if you interpret the gold part as her actual shape, it’s really strange.

  1. I don’t get two of them:
    1) The basketball player – what’s in his hand?
    2) The girl in the grey dress – what IS her “third leg/knee”?

  2. God, I miss Blockbuster. We had it so good. Every movie I ever wanted, right there for $3.99. Old movies, new movies, shitty and great – it was all there in beautiful rows upon rows and then you could buy a giant tub of popcorn. Sometimes the local pizza place did a thing where you got a free movie with a large pizza.

    Sigh. We didn’t know how wonderful it was until it was gone.

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