18 Times Following The Rules Went Wrong

There needs to be a set of rules for following the rules. [via buzzfeed]



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    1. American Army uniforms have “pen pockets” on the left sleeve. Thus, we are never at a loss for a writing instrument, whether in the latrine or on the battlefield.

      1. Very true. My English mother used to call me “Scotland” all the time. Probably why I turned out the way I did

  1. Why does the Taco Bell ‘Sour Cream on the Side’ image have a picture to the left showing someone standing at a McDonald’s drive-thru?

    1. Is it definitely McDonalds? I see red but no yellow anywhere, the logo on the donation box is to insistinct for me to read. Most McDonalds in my area have a tan brick facade rather than the solid white but I don’t know if thats universal. KFC however occasionally joins with Taco Bell and they have red/white designs. I suspect that it’s a KFC/Taco Bell rather than McDonalds in the picture.

    2. The logo on the red box below the window is for the Ronald McDonald House charity. Therefor it is a McDonald’s drive-up window. That doesn’t ruin the joke, though.

  2. I dont’t see why it matters if the barista spells your name right. He should’ve just said “Mark” and left it at that. I don’t even give them my real name because even though my name is very simple, it’s also very rare and people *always* mishear and/or mispronounce it. I just tell them my name is Lola or Amber because those names are distinctive and almost impossible to get wrong.

    The end!

    1. anybody who is a barista or goes to starbucks or works there or gets fancy coffee is a douche who deserves the absolute worst life has to offer

  3. The “get free drink with purchase of X because it is illegal to sell drink” was a bit that was used during prohibition in the US.

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