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    1. As a former child, I can confirm I would have preferred this to entry as well, since most places entered with parents were boring as hell.

  1. The $20 dog bed situation looks like my nephew. He stayed with me a few day ago and napped in the chair with my dog.

    1. So true! Bald eagles look so majestic and hardcore… until you see 300 of them eating trash at a landfill in Alaska.

      1. The song of their people brings the majestic and hardcore bar down quite a few notches as well. TWEET-tweettweettweettweet-tweet!

        1. Yep! And when they cry majestically in movies it’s usually a red tailed hawk’s cry because they sound waaaaay more regal.

        1. I want you to answer one more question, and don’t lie. What did it feel like to hit that son of a bitch?

          1. There’s two types of people in this world. Those that see Astoria,Oregon as the places Goonies was filmed and those that see it as the place Kindergarten Cop was filmed

  2. TBH, I do not recommend attempting to kill yourself with a sink plunger. It’s not very effective and when you have to go to A&E, the psychs look at you like you’re crazy.

  3. Did anyone else notice on the car that says “Law Abiding Citizen” and the dust drawing man that the rear passenger door has a “bitch” with an arrow pointing up to it? If you look closely it looks like someone wiped that window off. Sad to think we’ll never know what it was. LOL

  4. To be fair, if you’re going to havea mustard vending machine it would be criminal to fill it with anything other than Silver Springs.

  5. That mustard vending machine isn’t weird. It’s part of the attraction at the National Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI. So it’s not like it’s out on the street, it’s surrounded by other displays of mustard…

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