None Of This, Please (20 Pics)

None of this and nothing on the side, thanks. [via dumpaday]



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  1. Those snakes are adorable, what the heck is so scary?

    The webbed over bike, on the other hand, should be burned.

    1. I agree snakes are super cute, my niece is 2 and got to hold a snake at a festive and she literally talks about it all the time.

      Spiders though, also super cute. I’ve never understood how people find them scary. Getting your bike back would be a huge annoyance though.

      That guy absolutely covered in bugs on the other hand… Something about that gives me anxiety.

      1. I’m pretty OK with spiders but cobwebs freak me out so much. It’s how they feel and how sticky there are. *shudder*

  2. A nut butter Clif bar sounds fine. The striated nails creep me out though. I have a thing about nails.

  3. My parents had to call the DNR to bring one of those bear catchers out. Works well. They heard a massive bang (the door is extremely heavy) one evening and my dad went out to look and there he was, happily munching on the trap bait. Relocated next day..

    1. How did they relocate it? Did they just load the trap with the bear inside and just drive away? I wish they had something like that when I had bear troubles; my local DNR advised me to just shoot it with a gun (black bear) but that was years ago. We built a “bear resistant” enclosure around the trash cans instead and eventually it left in search of better food.

  4. If I’ve learned anything from this list, it’s that snakes could be anywhere. In your walls, behind the toilet lid, in your nearest desk drawer…

    1. A snake recently broke my friends’ AC unit. It got up in there and ZAP, they were without air conditioning for 2 weeks. The repair dude said it was the first time he’d ever seen breakage via snake.
      Snakes like that give Slytherins a bad name.

    2. When I was a teenager, my uncle took my cousin and I to a local lake to stay the night at another family member’s lakehouse. We were not prepare for what awaited us. The grass was about 2 foot tall, there were vines growing in through the windows, there were several rat traps (the sticky kind) that had decomposing rats, fairly large snakes, and all kinds of insects on them. We noped the fuck out of there and went and stayed at a friend’s house on the same lake. They dilapidated house was eventually torn down and a nice house built in its place.

      1. Also it should be my cousin and ME, not I. Would you say, my uncle took I to a local lake? No, unless you were an idiot, you would not. Don’t be an idiot.

  5. Let’s talk about #4 (person covered in bugs): does it look like the sun is shining through them to anyone else? According to their shadow, I would expect that person to be full of holes.

    1. I noticed that too, and the only reasoning(besides photoshop) I could figure was that they aren’t holes, they’re more bugs that are flying and reflecting the sun

  6. So, uh…my first thought when I saw the bear trap was “Why would it say bear trap on the side? Then the bears will know it’s a trap and stay away!”

    I am not a smart man.

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