18 Passive-Aggressive Neighbor Notes

Talking to your neighbor directly is obviously out of the question. [via guff]



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  1. I love it when people get kids somehow and instead of moving to some baby friendly area they expect everyone to be “considerate”. If I work nights and have to spend my days listening to your brats yell instead of sleeping, then your kids will have to listen to my godless activities when I am awake. Good day.

    1. If your schedule has you working overnights, being in an apartment building sucks. I did it for near a year and would never do it again. That being said- it would make more sense for the person who has a schedule that’s opposite the normal sleeping cycle to live in a single family place or try and adjust your noisy times to accomodate everyone else in the building. If it’s a short term thing or one specific activity- just talk to their parents. There was a time when I was younger where my sister had to practice clarinet either before school or in the evening because we lived in a duplex. Woman came over and explained her boyfriend was working nights, and could we adjust our schedule so we were a bit quieter while he was sleeping, and guess what, we were!! Super easy! Just don’t be a dick to people and they can be quite nice.

      1. Yeah, because mothers are such reasonable creatures.
        Also, it’s not just kids. Please realize some of the people yelling and honking car horns on a tiny parking lot under my window – because they can’t be bothered to use a cell phone or walk to a bloody intercom – are considered functioning adults.

    2. How about you be a considerate human being instead of expecting everyone with children to move to a specific area? Because you know it’s not JUST children who don’t want to hear you having loud sex, right?

    3. Houses are fucking expensive, dipshit. Sometimes accidents happen and you get a kid. It’s not that kid’s fault if mommy and daddy aren’t loaded. Expecting others to be considerate isn’t that big a deal, whether it is expecting kids to be a little quieter or expecting erotic bedtime games be less… theatrical.

  2. I disagree with that rhubarb sign. It’s actually pretty hard to kill rhubarb, and cutting the stems off at the base is how you’re supposed to harvest it.

    Maybe they’re trying to get help with weeding.

    1. Yeah, I had rhubarb plants growing up and as kids my siblings, neighbors and I all loved to pick it. We didn’t pull it up by the root though, we would kind of twist it off at the base leaving the root intact. You don’t want too much stump left behind when you cut it as it can inhibit further growth, so maybe that was the problem. I would have been tempted to add “don’t forget to make a salad with the delicious leaves”

  3. That first image of the concrete shoes coupled with the wooden newel post and wood stairs tells me the building has hardwood floors. If the place is more than 10 years old, a toddler in bare feet will sound like a marching band if you’re trying to sleep one floor beneath them.

    I think someone is clueless about certain types of buildings.

    1. They live there. I doubt they are clueless. …it *is* possible to walk quietly on those floors (especially with rugs). If you live over someone, you exercise this amazing, inhuman mutant skill.

  4. I hope whomever got the Barb and Tom note answered them with a hearty “FUCK NO”.

    Maaaaaaaybe if they hadn’t referred to whatever they were doing as “godless” activities but honestly – not my kid. I suspect Barb & Tom are also going to complain about 7pm fireworks on July 4 because that’s their kid’s bedtime.

    1. I don’t think they were talking about the kids in that apartment but adults that might be having sex during that time. I could be wrong!

      1. I meant “not my kid” as in Barb & Tom’s kid is their responsibility, not mine.

        And when do they expect people to have sex? Only when their kid is at school? Nope. I get to bone down when I want to, it’s the joy of being an adult. (Again, if they had been nice about it, it would be different.)

    2. My old upstairs neighbor would have loud sex in the living room with the balcony door wide open in the middle of the day on a Sunday.
      That I had a problem with. Mainly because both of our balconies faced out on a huge field that all the kids in the building played in. And because the building was L shaped, the sound echoed off the wall.

  5. If people are going to live in an apartment then they should get used to hearing their neighbors. Like holy shit. Get over yourself.

    1. I once lived in a ground floor apartment. My upstairs neighbor played music SO LOUD they could not hear me knocking (and then banging) on their door. In addition, they ran an extension out into the hallway so they didn’t have to pay electric bills. That meant I could unplug it from outside every time they got obnoxious. That was fun.

      1. Loud music/tv is one thing, and you’re well within your rights to ask people to turn it down. But you just have to get over things like lead feet and sex noises. Those are just par for the course for living in an apartment.

        1. How about teenagers running up and down the halls so loudly they knock down the globe of your hallway light at 2am and shatter it?

  6. At my old apartment, I swear the large lady upstairs stomped around in her heels all day. They would drop what sounded like an olympic lifter’s record winning deadlift onto the floor anywhere from midnight to 4am. They had phone conversations during that time where we could hear both parties clearly. They had random children over for a couple days and left them alone. They spent the time screaming, crying, running and wrestling so much that I could have sworn our chandelier was going to come crashing out of the ceiling.
    Thankfully, I now only have to hear the floor squeaks that old hardwood does, but man oh man, I can’t wait until I can move out of apartment living and into a home.

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