21 Stupid and Awful Designs

They could have just asked literally anyone if this was a good idea. [via boredpanda]



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  1. We were doing some project for Cub Scouts that required using a power drill. The father of one of the boys didn’t want his son using a power drill so put the holes in the wood himself. He sat down cross-legged on the floor with the board going across his lap. He missed putting a hole in his leg but drilled into a fold in his jeans.

  2. I wouldn’t consider a typo to be a “stupid and awful design.”

    And the gate is there to prevent cars from driving in not people.

    Those pillows are hilarious,

        1. No it’s a verifiable fact that white people literally never ever get arrested or manhandled or shot by police officers, and also all police officers are dirty racist white men. All of them.

        2. How, bs.

          It’s an unwritten law that black people are not allowed to own guns and everyone knows it.

          Here’s a fun video. Look black vs white open carry.

          White guy: “I don’t need to show you my ID. I have the right to open carry and I’m not breaking any laws.”

          Cop: “Okay then.”


          Black guy: …

          Cop: “Hands up! On the ground, now! Shut the fuck up!”

          Literally 10 cop cars in 10 minutes blockading the street. Police hiding behind their doors with guns pointed at the guy face down on the ground. Guy is hit with multiple charges until the video comes up.

          People who say the paw isn’t racist towards blacks are fucking morons.

  3. The Golden Gate Bridge shot is out of context. The sign means that bikes are supposed to go on the west walkway and pedestrians on the east walkway.

  4. Go 3 miles south. Turn north and go 1 mile to the T. Turn south and go 4 miles. Turn east and we’re the 3rd house on the west side of the road.

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