18 Funny Church Signs

If I’m doing the hard work of reading less than ten words, I better be laughing. [via acidcow]



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  1. Oh look, Honey, that church sign!

    Oh gosh, we should take a picture of ourselves in front of it to express how we don’t go to church and feel kind of guilty about it!

    1. I’m pretty sure they were making a “LOLOLOLOL SO FUNNY” photo about how “how often do you come” can be a sex joke, because the people in the photo are 12 and think that’s funny.

  2. That traffic into heaven vs. hell think is why organized religion is often horrible. It’s a funny joke until you think about how sinister and cynical it is.

    1. No, not sinister and cynical. Tragic and heartbreaking that so few say yes and so many reject the invitation to eternal life. You are right that far too often organized religion has misrepresented God’s heart towards mankind, but the invitation isn’t from or to a religion. It’s from God Himself and it’s to relationship and life with Him forever.

    2. That attitude is one of the reason’s I’ an atheist now. You don’t punish someone you claim to love with eternal hell-fire and good people certainly don’t revel in the idea that so many people are going to suffer forever.

      1. You are right. Good people don’t revel in this. Good people are broken because of it. Good people weep because of it. But to say love doesn’t judge is wrong. Let’s say I open my home for others to come in. I love people and like to be with them. But I also love my children so I’m going to be careful about who comes to live with me. I can’t allow people in who don’t want to live by my guidelines, no matter how much I like them, because I love my children. Nobody would say I’m being unreasonable. How much more will God protect His home and His children? You say God is unjust to judge and yet He is the one who has provided a way to avoid that fate, going so far as to pay the price of admission. Every person has the choice to say yes or no. To reject Him because He is providing unimaginable beauty for EVERYONE who does say yes makes no sense.

  3. Sooooo…dogs are gods? God is a Dog? Would Jesus be a St. Bernard? Or a golden retriever? Yes. Golden Retriever. And the Holy Spirit is the Hound of Heaven. And the Father is a Great Dane.

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