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    1. Somebody build him a larger enclosure. Come on! That picture is making me so sad. If we can watch Animaniacs on DVD anytime we want, the family dog should be able to enjoy a scaled-up version of its puppy-hood hiding place.

    1. That is almost right actually. He collected seven of each clean animal and two of the unclean. WHy seven? Rather than pretend I or anyone knows I propose it was to eat them or to give them a leg up on reproducing after the flood.

      1. Here’s a fun question to ponder: How did Noah know which were “clean” and “unclean”? The Law wasn’t given for many more generations.

        Also, I don’t get the cartoon either. #IdoTOOhaveasenseofhumor #noYOUshutup

  1. If my babysitter posted a picture of my kid without my permission they would have hell to pay.

    I suppose it’s possible she did and didn’t post it in real time, but I doubt it. The kid doesn’t seem very bright.

    1. Lighten up, Jan. You can’t see the kids face. Can’t even be positive it’s a girl or a boy. No name. No address. No possible way to identify them. Overreact much?

    1. So onetime we found a cow and the policeman said take it to the farm so we did and we had such a great time the next day we took it to the aquarium!

  2. The rock wedged between the two cliffs…all i can think of when I see that picture is Wile E. Coyote on top, jumping up and down to get it to drop.

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