Really Bad Tattoos From Really Bad Tattoo Artists (17 Pics)

Some tattoos are fine art, and some tattoos are bad graffiti. [via sadanduseless]



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  1. Awww, i like the ones where you see the warped original to match the tattoo like the photo of Freddy Mercury warped to match the tattoo.

  2. So tired of seeing checkerboard face and Mr. Cool Ice. Those are from 10 years ago. Surely there are newer, fresher bad tattoos out there to amuse.

    1. And they aren’t really bad tattoos if you’re looking at skill level. Can’t blame the tattooist for the poor life choices of the tattooed.

  3. If i recall correctly, the girl with the stars all over her face sued the artist, because it wasn’t supposed to be that many or something

    1. WTF? Like maybe tell them to stop and don’t just continue to sit there while they tattoo your fucking face??? Even if you can’t see what’s happening, you could feel that they were all over your face. Just get out of the chair, idiot.

    2. She tried to say it was done without her consent while she was asleep or something, but really it was because she got in trouble with her parents. The artist fought back and produced the contract she signed.

    1. I’m pretty sure the guy with the glasses tattoo was having problems reading the board in his stochastic calculus course at university and a medical doctor recommended he get glasses.

  4. I think the second to last one, the tiger on the chest, may have been a parent getting their kid’s drawing tattooed on them. I work with kids and that looks a lot like kid art. Plus, the actual lines and composition of the tattoo aren’t bad. It moves nicely with the contour of the chest.

    1. My brother was a “manny” to the same family for years and got two of the kids’ drawings tattooed on him. I love my brother, but it looks totally stupid. Just put their pictures on your fridge or something, jfc.

  5. I know I’m an old guy….but i just don’t get it. Why would you do that to your FACE? Does that girl honestly think she’s going to be with Drake for the rest of her life? And even if she is….? Hello Kitty on your forehead?! I realize the point is these are bad. I’m just trying to figure out what could possibly be going through your mind that would convince you this is a good idea.

      1. I wasn’t joking when I said I’m old. Drake is a singer, huh? Well that’s just….

        Maybe she started something and we’ll start seeing people with Elvis, or Frank, or Bob, or Simon & Garfunkel (for those with a big forehead) tattooed on their foreheads too. I’m going to give this some thought….who to pick?

  6. Some of these tattoos demonstrate good skill level from the tattoo artist, but poor decision-making from the person receiving the tattoo.

  7. Always:
    Throw in the towel
    Chuck it
    Give less than what it takes
    Take the easy way out
    Party instead of study
    Blame others
    Resist work of any kind

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