25 Of The Pettiest Things That Have Ever Happened

Are you the kind of person who lies awake at night thinking about how to get revenge on an economics professor who made fun of you 15 years ago in front of a class full of people you aren’t aren’t even friends with on Facebook? I know I am. Does that make me petty? I mean, sure, if you accept the “dictionary” definition of petty. But at least I’m not as petty as the following people, right?


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21 Pictures That Will Leave Kids Today Utterly Confused

These kids today don’t understand the struggle. They have it so easy with their unlimited access to music and information. Their realistic video games and hundreds of TV channels. Their twitter. Back in my day if you wanted to post a mean comment for everyone to see, you had to hire a skywriter.

1. We didn’t have Google Maps. We had to print out several pages of step-by-step directions, and sometimes those weren’t even right.


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